Cleaning and polishing marble / granite

Even very high-quality and reliable materials, unfortunately, influenced by time, which can significantly affect their appearance. This statement is true for marble and granite. Despite the fact that this is a very durable material, over time, its surface may become darker and lost vivid color. If you want to keep it natural beauty, should apply the latest tools and technology. In this case, care would be a cleaning, polishing, grinding and crystallizing marble and granite.

At home, the right to perform polishing and crystallization of marble and granite is quite difficult. Such work requires a study of the rules of handling such materials, special tools and equipment, as well as the experience of their application. Otherwise, the high risk of damaging marble or granite during polishing or crystallization. Therefore it is reasonable to use the services of those who know a good judge.
For the specialists of “broscleaning” performance of polishing marble and granite is commonplace. If you want to save your time and money, please contact us – we will do all the work quickly, efficiently and without errors!
Most often, this range of services is required if you want to return the pristine gloss floors, stairs, worktops and window sills made of natural stone. We carry out processing using professional polishing and grinding equipment, as well as non-lethal weapons that do not cause any harm to such surfaces (we apply the wax and compositions which contain lacquer).
For marble:
polishing with diamond stones, polishing;
deep cleaning and crystallization;
provision of an anti-skid effect
For granite:
grinding and crystallization;
deep cleaning and polishing;
cleaning followed by (using special impregnation, which allows the stone to breathe and prevents it from being destroyed)
The company “Broscleaning” carries out professional cleaning and polishing marble and granite. Our staff will come into place at a convenient time for you and execute your order efficiently and in a short time.
“Broscleaning” use professional detergents and cleaning products, as well as modern cleaning equipment, which together allow you to achieve perfect cleanliness of the room.
For each client we have an individual approach, we consider all of his wishes and requirements, and do them.
We produce polishing, cleaning and crystallization of marble and granite at affordable prices.
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