Urine Damage cleaning.

Do you have troubles regarding the condition of your expensive carpets at home? Does your carpet suffer from stains due to kids or pet’s urine? Or maybe it hasn`t escape the foul smell of the urine that affects the beauty of your carpets surface, your carpet maybe suffering from a urine damage, in these cases, you must not ignore it for a long time, because the longer the urine stain on the carpet the harder it will get through, and the bigger damage it will bring to your carpets. But worry no more! For here comes the best solution to your problem the Urine Damage Treatment might be the perfect remedy. The Broscleaning are experts and certified, and has the ability to clean and revive the beauty of your carpets. We are complete with the necessary equipment’s to remove urine stains and the odors they cause.

The Broscleaning knows the importance of having a healthy indoor environment and a clean, fresh home and free from dust and allergens that might harm our health. The Broscleaning has the ability to clean your floors, carpets and fabrics using an enzyme and chemical that are safe to people and pets. If you call us and ask for a help; we will set a time to visit your location and our professional team will find out all the affected areas quickly and start working immediately. For a minor treatment, we will spray a chemical solution to help reduce odor. But for the major Urine Damage Treatment it takes time for us to remove all unwanted urine stains. We need to pull up the carpet and padding to do the right job. The carpet is needed to be cleaned on both sides with enzymes and oxidizing agents that neutralize the urine and breaking down the bacteria crystals. The sub-floor, baseboards and backing of the carpet will treat with an enzyme treatment. Then we will install a new pad, and re-install the carpet. Well in fact, this type of treatment is quite extensive and very time consuming.

So that’s why we should always remember to continuously follow up for a carpet cleaning maintenance after several months. Because it is easier to remove the urine damage spots during the early stage because if nothing is done for a day then the acid in the urine will start reacting and might permanently discolor the carpet fabric or leave behind a dirty spot. Also an unclean flooring or carpet can become a breeding spot for bacteria that may result for unhealthy indoors. In The Broscleaning we can offer you a quality and professional Urine Damage Treatment and cleaning services at a fair price.

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